If I were forced to choose educating patients/clients or practicing Chiropractic, I would choose education. If people truly understand health and vitality and they take the steps to create that health in their lives we can change the world! The following educational videos will help you understand the Philosophy, Art, and Science of Chiropractic.

The following link is an interview I did for Dr. Norton from I had a lot of fun doing it, and it is a great way to learn about my practice, my philosophy, and how I can help you.

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1. Subluxation

The only thing a Chiropractor “treats.” It’s why Chiropractic exists, its why it is a separate and distinct healing art from medicine, massage, physical therapy, or any other modality.

Question: What parts of your body are involved in subluxation?

2. Three stages of Subluxation

Question: Have you ever had a cavity? How did you find out you had a cavity?

3. Define health

Question: Have you ever had the flu? Were you healthy the day before you got the flu?

4. When did the problem start?

AKA Which came first, the problem, or the pain?

5. Why do you have to come in so often?

6. How do you know if you are healthy?

7. America’s most wanted!

Question: Have you ever known someone who had a serious heart attack?

8. Three types of stress

Question: What do you think caused your subluxations?

9. Psychological Stress

Question: Why do you think psychological stress causes the majority of subluxations?

10. Physical Stress

Question: What was your own birth like?

11. Prevention

Question: Can you get to your destination by deciding where not to go?

12. Children go to the Chiropractor

Question: Do you think a subluxation, a disturbance in your nervous system, could interfere with your immune system, and your ability to heal and repair?

13. Dr. Count Dracula

Question: Suppose you walked into a cold, dark room and a vampire was waiting for you, how would you know it was cold?

14. Safety Pin Cycle

Question: What happens to your body when you walk into a cold room after a while? What is shivering? Why do you do it? How would you know there was a vampire?  Why do you get goose bumps?

15. Blink

Question: Why is more information sometimes less effective?

16. Opera of Subluxation

Question: What is the difference between structural Subluxation and Neurological Subluxation? (Bonus points if you can actually understand anything I say in this video!)

17. Empire Builder Bullet Train

Question: What does interference do to your nerves and body?

18. Strength, Posture and Gravity

Question: What is your only defense against gravity?

19. Posture with attitude!

Question: Why dose your posture change with your mood?

20. Purpose of your spine and nervous system

Question: What is the purpose of your spine other than to hold you upright?

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