At Vitality Chiropractic, we may be able to help anything, but we can’t help everything.

Healthy Family After Chiropractic Care in Billings Montana

The other day, I had a friend tell me she had not come in and seen me for chiropractic care yet, because she didn’t think I could help her particular issue. This is a very common, albeit erroneous, thought. I guess I would explain it this way, Chiropractic doesn’t fix anything, but through it we can help everything. Confused yet? Sound like I’ve contradicted myself?

Chiropractic in and of itself does not fix things, make your pain go away, or heal your digestion. All we really do in Chiropractic Biophysics™ is to return the spine to a normal, or idealized state. Once that is accomplished, it is your body that does all the healing.

So, thinking that I can’t (or Chiropractic can’t) help you with your neck pain, headaches, low back pain, migraines, cramps, heartburn, or even infertility, would be the same as putting limits on what your own body can and can’t do, and as Norman Vincent Peale taught us in The Power of Positive Thinking, THINK POSITIVELY! We should never put limits on ourselves or our bodies.

In the introduction, I claimed Chiropractic can help anything, and what I mean is that your body has unlimited potential to heal. All I want to do for you is to release your innate healing ability and let your body do the rest. We have seen every known disease go through spontaneous remission, from cancer to arthritis, but we can never predict what changes your body will be able to make when it is given a chance to heal. So let’s just assume you are going to get better and make an appointment today to get started!

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