Proof That Your Body is More Miraculous Than You Think

Proof That Your Body is More Miraculous Than You Think
As you probably already know, the human body has a complex communication system. This system transmits signals via electricity, various chemicals, neurotransmitters, and many other less known ways and is probably the most complicated system for communication in the world. Much of it is understood, but there is a lot that is not. Much of this system is contained in your spinal cord. Posture distortions—or subluxations—cause abnormal functioning of the spinal cord.

An example of this complicated communication was in a patient I will refer to as Bruce. Bruce was injured in a car crash, where he severed his spine in seven places and ended up being paralyzed from his upper back down. He started having lower back pain—an area in which he had no nerves. This phenomenon is called “phantom pain”, and is well documented.

He started being seen in my office for chiropractic care, and within roughly two weeks, his back pain went away. That’s not the amazing part. The amazing part, is that he started to be able to feel his toes! Without looking, he could sense when someone touched his toes. He was sent out for a new MRI to see what might be happening, and he found out he was missing all of his spinal cord below T4! This is a great example that if nerves were the only way our body communicates, feeling his toes again would have been impossible.

This story illustrates a point; that we don’t know everything about the way communication in the body works. Still, we do know that the spinal cord performs much of the known communication in the body, and in my experience, every person I have worked with in my chiropractic office, when the spinal cord is stretched, pushed, pulled, or even slightly distorted in any way, it interferes with that communication system and causes something bad to happen.

What do I mean by “bad”? I’m glad you asked. “Bad” could be back pain, headaches, or neck pain. It could mean heartburn, migraines, diarrhea, constipation, anxiety, or a number of any other unpleasant symptoms.

In my office, when I evaluate a patient, I take all the time necessary to find out how my patients entire body is functioning. I don’t just myopically focus on back or neck pain. I investigate how every organ, tissue, and muscle is functioning. This gives me clues to how well the spinal cord is functioning. Granted, I’m not saying that every negative symptom you may experience is due to spinal cord distortion (or subluxation), but what I can tell you is that all of those symptoms I mentioned above (and many others) have been reduced or eliminated in my office by use of Chiropractic Biophysics Technique (CBP) to restore posture to a more ideal state. (for more information on CBP see

Next week I will talk about low to no cost ways to find out if you have postural distortions that may be leading to poor health, pain, headaches, arthritis or many other issues.

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