Billings Chiropractor Explains the Real Reason Why You’re in Pain

Subluxation has had many definitions, attempts at definitions, and even legal definitions. defines subluxation as “A slight misalignment of the vertebrae, regarded in chiropractic theory as the cause of many health problems.”

So why is it important? As a Chiropractor, I have sought diligently over the last 15 years to help patients’ correct subluxations, and thus, correct their health problems. The method I use to correct subluxations is referred to as CBP or “Chiropractic Biophysics.

Subluxation can be mathematically modeled. The researchers behind Chiropractic Biophysics Nonprofit – an organization dedicated to undertaking research that is “clinically, technically, and philosophically sound” – have made some amazing in-roads to define Subluxation mathematically.

To do this they first had to establish normal anatomy, as in—what is normal for a spine? They next had to establish that something other than this “normal” causes nerve interference—as described by many subluxation definitions. They essentially had to prove that this alteration is what we have been describing for 100 years. That part isn’t really math, but the difference from normal to abnormal is mathematically provable. Below is an example of a normal vs. abnormal comparison.

Billings chiropractor explains the real reason you're in pain.

Notice how the green line in the x-ray on the left fits along the back of each bone? Also notice on the right x-ray how the red lines show where the bones are, but the green line shows where the bones are supposed to be. This is a visual of what subluxation looks like.

Now, here is the math for that same comparison:

Confused? Well, that’s why we tend to look at it visually instead of mathematically. It is much easier to comprehend by simply looking at it.

The truly amazing part is that Chiropractic Biophysics Nonprofit is going one step further and is, proving to the world that CBP technique can permanently improve posture. Independent Medical researchers are also applying Chiropractic Biophysics research to the spine and we are now seeing 3rd party medically-based researcher proving that Improving posture, improves health! CBP technique is not just a “feel good” or “palliative” treatment. It can actually improve headaches, neck pain, back pain, pain from car accidents, and many, many others! Subluxation CAN be corrected. Subluxation can be mathematically defined. And the most important part — correcting your subluxations, can correct your health!

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