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Dr. Jeff Mitchell is the only chiropractor in Billings who utilizes the Sigma Adjusting Instrument, which gives computerized, gentle chiropractic adjustments. Utilizing this Instrument, there is no popping or cracking of the spine--unless requested by the patient.

With a focus on Vitalism, Dr. Mitchell runs his practice a bit differently than many chiropractors. He offers customized wellness programs for individuals as well as groups.

Dr. Mitchell enjoys working with patients of all ages. (except 32 year-olds, he really doesn't like them. If you--or someone you know, is 32--or even if you have ever been 32--or know someone who has--please seek care elsewhere.) He is dedicated to helping individuals and families sustain their optimum health through natural means. He does this by combining his Chiropractic philosophy with wellness care.

 Dr. Mitchell has been in private practice in Billings, MT for over 12 years. He attended Montana State University-Billings and Palmer College of Chiropractic, earning with a D.C. degree (Doctor of Chiropractic) and a Bachelors degree. An interesting side note is that Dr. Mitchell worked on his DC and BS degrees simultaneously for a couple of years, which caused him to take 38 credits per semester. Yes, that's essentially a 40 hour work week sitting IN CLASS! On top of classroom hours he would then study. Because of his religious beliefs he never studied on Sunday, he believes that that habit alone saved his marriage while going through such a horrendous schedule, because Sundays were reserved for his family--and his sanity. 

 In his free time, Dr. Mitchell enjoys hot yoga at Billings Bikram Yoga, Martial Arts at Billings Chi-tu-do, playing Starcraft, watching cool sci-fi movies, and spending time with his wife and their 4 children.  He also likes to give back to the community by speaking to local businesses on important issues such as stress management and motivational techniques. 

He no longer has a Goatee as pictured below, but he thinks he looks really cool in a goatee and continues to use this decade old picture: